Saturday, July 20, 2013

BDA Strategies

Just finished one week of intensive Reading Apprenticeship (RAISE) training and realized by day 2 that that program is just good old fashioned BDA strategies:
Before, During, and After Reading Strategies.


While looking for RAISE support on the web - seeking schools implementing RAISE and the supportive material they provide teachers, I found this terrific school corporation's strategies page which explicitly merges RAISE reading strategies into the BDA structure. Yay! Here it is:

Renton Technical College in Renton, Wa., offers terrific resources for teaching reading strategies: The list of resources under the Routines & Topics may be better than West Ed.'s RAISE Resource page (West Ed. is the creator of RAISE). Be sure to click on their RAT Tracks to read the monthly tips newsletter.

West Ed.'s RAISE downloadable resource page: Matches what is found in the book. PDGs are good to display on a projector so you can use the whiteboard to jot down notes and student responses for the class.

Okay...RAISE is great but it isn't anything new. I found this TOTALLY AWESOME READING RESOURCES PAGE ABOUT 8 YEARS AGO, and it was created and is run by a social studies teacher:

Tech tool to try: Shelley, from my Online & Blended Learning Course, suggested PearlTrees as a resource to try (mostly because she liked the name but it does look like a good tool for demonstrating visual thinking):

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